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censure (one)

To criticize or scold someone, often in an official manner. The judge censured the lawyer for his outburst during the hearing.
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censure (one) for (something)

To criticize or scold someone, often in an official manner. The judge censured the lawyer for his outburst during the hearing.
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censure someone (for something)

to criticize someone formally for having done something. Please don't censure us for doing our duty. The legislature proposed to censure one of its members.
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Among recent enforcement actions by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority were the censure and fine of two firms for failing to appropriately discount sales charges of unit investment trusts.
Later when the irked opposition legislators came to know about contents of the censure motion drafted against leader of opposition, they rushed to the speakers rostrum to agitate by raising slogans against the treasury benches and chair.
Censure motions against Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku and transport minister Sumio Mabuchi have been submitted to the House of Councillors and adopted with the support of opposition parties, which form a majority there.
In bringing these censures, HSE wishes to emphasise to the MOD and other employers the importance of assessing, managing and controlling the operational risks arising from the use of workplace transport."
(90.) On occasion there have been actual censures against other executive officials.
During Thursday's session, some legislators threatened to use their right to censure the president.
FINRA Censures, Fines Capital One Sharebuilder for Reporting Failures
After a year-long investigation into a saga that has roiled Texas politics, the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations voted 6-1 to admonish and censure Hall for "misconduct, incompetency in the performance of official duties, or behavior unbefitting a nominee for and holder of a state office." Those charges related to Hall's drawn-out investigations of University of Texas at Austin administrators and his handling of private student information.
The censure resolution, brought by the Bexar County GOP in Straus' hometown of San Antonio, stems at least in part from the special session of the Texas Legislature last year.
On ne peut enumerer ici la quantite de personnages que Pierre Hebert fait intervenir dans son Histoire de la censure, mais il importe de souligner une fois de plus a quel point l'auteur ne sacrifie jamais l'erudition et rexhaustivite a la clarte de l'expose.
As he announced his decision to support the censure effort Saturday, Dickey said it was important for the party to unite and move on from its frustrations with Straus, who announced in October that he will not seek re-election after five terms as speaker.
Tomorrow, the Health and Safety Executive will meet Ministry of Defence bosses at a Crown Censure hearing in London into the deaths of L-Bmdr Wilson and a second soldier, Corporal Thomas Eirian Rees, who died in a separate incident a year earlier.