cement together

cement (something) together

To use glue or another strong adhesive substance to fasten two or more things together. We need to cement the handle together before mom gets home and discovers that the vase is broken!
See also: cement, together

cement something together

to fasten something together with glue or household cement. Use this stuff to cement the vase together. Will you cement these parts together?
See also: cement, together
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On the other hand, gainers Bank Al Habib, Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan, Engro Fertilisers, Mari Petroleum and Cherat Cement together 48 points.
Using plastic bags to hold cement together, she creates what she calls concrete "biscuits" of various sizes.
A bid for Capital of Culture in 2023 would have provided an ideal way to cement together the emerging south-east Wales city region, putting socially valuable cultural muscle on the skeleton of the proposed Metro rail system.
"We [plan to] cement together parts of the pyramid that are about to fall so that it will be safe so people can visit it for a long time," Estrada-Belli says.
Not only that, the biologist continued, but slowing down our rivers causes the gravels to cement together, depriving the fish of loose gravel to spawn in.
The plasticizing admixture was mixed into the cement together with water that was used to prepare the cement paste.
In preventing such problem, suitable curing times were allocated, but simultaneous uses of pozzolan, slag, and sulfate resistance cement together with lime have been regarded as solutions to prevent failures resulting from the use of lime alone [21, 23].
I am not talking about something so drastic happening in the UK, but coming nearer home it is time for there to be incorporated an elected northern regional body (by whatever name) to cement together Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire and for this part of the north of England to be able to get from the government the money required for the infrastructure such as rail - high speed around 160mph between York and Liverpool would be sufficient - roads, airport, docks and others to become a world class region.
Copper and cement together can cause problems, warns Peter Fall.
Nawaz opined that at this hour the whole Nation should cement together to face the challenge, besides the blame passing must be avoided at this moment he held.
Besides dry conditions, some plants, both species and hybrids, are more susceptible because the leaves secrete a very sugary, sticky substance which, if not washed off regularly and thoroughly, causes the leaves to cement together.
He was seen as a combative midfielderwith a wealth of experience who would help to cement together the youngsters breaking into the team around him.
These esters come from the propolis -- the brown, resinous, tree-derived material that honeybees use to cement together their hives.
The Russians were waiting in the wings for the opportunity to cement together the pieces of their old Middle East power base.