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Jesus could not care less if those who ministered with him were celibate or not.
Commitment to celibacy enables a priest, as a preacher and confessor, to speak convincingly about the commandment of chastity.MISSIONARYA celibate priest is more adapted to handle challenging pastoral work, such as missionary experience, than his married colleague.
The handicapper used to say he could handicap horses on the way Celibate ran as he always ran his race."
If you really want to be celibate, celibacy must be among the more important elements in your life.
The moral pall hanging over the head of lapses in celibate living remains unaddressed in M.'s otherwise fine book.
It was disclosed earlier this week that after a decision taken last month the Church of England would allow gay men in civil partnerships to become bishops as long as they promise to be celibate. Unlike the Church of England, the Church in Wales has never had a ban on gay clergy in civil partnerships becoming bishops.
I'm sure celibate gay men will be thrilled by this exciting new job opportunity, if perhaps somewhat perplexed as to how it will be policed by the Church."
I've been celibate since I got to the US - not through choice, I just haven't met anyone worth breaking it for."
Doctors first noticed a link between convent life and breast cancer in 1713, and by 1950 it was clear that nuns and other celibate women also had a high risk of ovarian and uterine cancers.
The Church of England told clergy in 2005 they could enter civil partnerships if they remained celibate, but uncertainty has arisen about whether such clergy could be nominated as bishops.
Celibate gay men in civil partnerships may be ordained as bishops, according to a new guidance paper.
Despite the importance of such practices and practitioners to Tibetan life, these aspects of non-celibate Tibetan Buddhism have remained little studied, especially when compared with the voluminous literature dedicated to understanding celibate monastic philosophies and practices.
THE Archbishop of Canterbury is not opposed to appointing gay people as bishops - if they remain celibate.
Summary: The Archbishop of Canterbury has said he has "no problem" with gay people being bishops as long as they stay celibate.