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celebrate (one) for (something)

To honor and acclaim one for a remarkable action or achievement. We still celebrate Sir Alexander Fleming today for his discovery of penicillin.
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celebrate someone for an accomplishment

to honor someone for having done something. The people celebrated the astronaut for a successful journey. She was celebrated widely for her discovery.
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Under Saudi regulations that outlaw the dangerous celebratory gunfire, even the groom can be arrested in case guests start shooting in the air.
In the four-month period from July to October this year, 90 instances of injury or death from celebratory gunfire were reported.
Unfortunately, one of our own representatives had to be the victim of that celebratory gunfire in order for this to hit the House floor.
In discussing their results researchers called celebratory a gunfire a serious threat: because bullets seemingly came from nowhere, they wrote, local people were afraid even to venture outside during happy times .
Celebratory gunfire is blamed for many deaths throughout the world, particularly in Asia and the Middle East.
The charges were also connected to sexual violence in Cairo's central square during large celebratory gatherings.
Children demonstrate their cooking skills at The Food For Life celebratory ceremony event at Garden Organic, Ryton.
And while it will be some time before his son, Harry, aged six, gets involved, the celebratory events will not only be for family but for the whole community too.
Mercedes-Benz India, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI)(FWB:DAI), is launching the C-Class Celebratory Edition to commemorate the 10 million vehicle landmark for the C-Class.
Commenting further on the celebratory subscription offer, he said, "The success of our service is attributed to the users of BIGFLIX.
Mayor Cllr Ian Dalgarno proposed that members mark the occasion by going out for a celebratory meal to be paid out of the mayoral fund.
Yesterday, he told fans: "I'd say my Paralympic tweets are celebratory.
Yesterday, he told his followers: "I'd say my Paralympic tweets are celebratory.
Boyle defended his comments via his personal Twitter account, saying: "I'd say my Paralympic tweets are celebratory.
Summary: The Queen has arrived at Westminster Hall for a celebratory Jubilee lunch.