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celebrate (one) for (something)

To honor and acclaim one for a remarkable action or achievement. We still celebrate Sir Alexander Fleming today for his discovery of penicillin.
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celebrate someone for an accomplishment

to honor someone for having done something. The people celebrated the astronaut for a successful journey. She was celebrated widely for her discovery.
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In 1751 Thomas Gray, a merchant in Edinburgh, abducted Jacobina Moir with the help of some accomplices, one of whom was a celebrator of irregular marriages.
Celebrator Beer News, a Hayward, California-based news magazine, has taken on cult status within the microbrew industry.
I never was a great celebrator of birthdays so I will just stay at home, have a quiet night, and watch the game.
I managed to get a meeting with Regis Debray, the famous French celebrator of the Castro regime and one of the few people at the time who had some notion of their content.
People of all ages - all hungry - had been waiting for the birthday celebrator all morning so they could chow down in a boodle fight breakfast organized by Binay.
Clockwise around table, starting at near left; Tom Dalldorf, publisher of Celebrator Beer New; Steve Ross, sales representative for Northeast Beverage of Bethel, CT; Richard Fossen, brand manager for Oak Beverage in New York City; Jiri Klang of Budejovicky Budvar; Ed Chainey, Pacific Region manager for Distinguished Brands International (DBI); Jack Babin, Ale Street News; Kevin Northwest Region manager, DBI, and Rob Wheat, Southeast Region manager, DBI.
Another birthday celebrator, Maja Salvador, heated up the stage with Enrique Gil in a dance collaboration to the tune of Heart Memphis' "Hit the Quan.
Full Sail Brewmaster John Harris, and Celebrator Beer News Publisher and Editor Tom Dalldorf.
The increase, which will take effect in January 2018, is the second to be approved by the council since the cash gifts were first given in 2008 at P500 per celebrator.
Family members of Joseph Vallenti, 96, recalled how they found a dead rat inside the cake of their birthday celebrator, (http://www.
The Congo international is rapidly getting a reputation as English football's most accomplished celebrator of goals.
Last year Tom Dalldorf of the Celebrator Beer News called Anderson Valley's Beer Festival, "a gathering like Woodstock combined with the pagan excesses of Burning Man all in one place.