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celebrate (one) for (something)

To honor and acclaim one for a remarkable action or achievement. We still celebrate Sir Alexander Fleming today for his discovery of penicillin.
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celebrate someone for an accomplishment

to honor someone for having done something. The people celebrated the astronaut for a successful journey. She was celebrated widely for her discovery.
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When we celebrate the lives of young musicians as kids, who, like their peers are just teenagers trying to find their place in the world, audiences become engaged--everyone loves to hear the stories behind the kids.
It was our holiday, a trivial day made important to us because they would never let us celebrate their holiday.
However important these may be, it is equally vital to celebrate innovative and thoughtful uses of real construction--imagination realized in volume, light and materials.
The five-day event began on Tuesday with traditional holiday staples like candles and oil lamps called "diyas" lit to celebrate the return of Hindu god Rama to his kingdom after years of exile.
What, for example, does it mean to celebrate the Eucharist as food (bread and wine) in a place where we idolize and demonize food, where we are increasingly disconnected from the sensual pleasures of good food?
Among other things, the Eucharist celebrates forgiveness.
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