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David Bodary, 40, a father of two from Kettering, Ohio, says he celebrates Reconciliation at least twice a year.
The five-day event began on Tuesday with traditional holiday staples like candles and oil lamps called "diyas" lit to celebrate the return of Hindu god Rama to his kingdom after years of exile.
This excellent manual and prayer book also provides readers with prayers of lament, repentance, and thanksgiving to celebrate our faith in the one who feeds us and calls us to feed one another.
What does it mean to celebrate Eucharist as the Body of Christ when our diets seem to be waging a war against our bodies (particularly against the bodies of women), when the ways in which we eat do not honor our bodies, or when our eating patterns seem indifferent to the suffering bodies of all the Lazaruses gathered at the edges of our tables?
We don't reverently celebrate the Eucharist when we receive the very life blood of Jesus and give him back a dollar, or five, or ten, or anything less than a truly sacrificial share of the time, treasure, and talent he has given us.
Those who want to celebrate their tradition and contribute to the project can get in touch via
Many organisations concerned with food security celebrate this day; more than 150 countries celebrate this occasion each year.
Muscat: Dar Al Atta'a is preparing to celebrate the global food day by engaging schools, companies and volunteers to collect food to be distributed on October 16, the day the world celebrates World Food Day every year.
New Delhi [India], March 2 ( ANI ): Colour-smeared people greet each other and spread happiness, as the whole country celebrates Holi with great fervor on Friday.
"So people expect we are not going to celebrate? No.
The 44-year-old star said that although it is a new holiday, Kwanzaa is a wonderful thing to celebrate. The festival began on Dec.
He usually celebrates his birthday on 1st of March."
Even after gaining the independence, Azerbaijan celebrates March 8 as the International Women's Day.
Google doodle celebrates 84th birthday of Robert Noyce
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