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celebrate (one) for (something)

To honor and acclaim one for a remarkable action or achievement. We still celebrate Sir Alexander Fleming today for his discovery of penicillin.
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celebrate someone for an accomplishment

to honor someone for having done something. The people celebrated the astronaut for a successful journey. She was celebrated widely for her discovery.
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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 25 ( ANI ): As Christmas is being celebrated worldwide with fevour and gaiety across the nation, Mumbaikars have found a unique way to celebrate the festival of joy.
It is usually celebrated along with Christmas and New Year.
I did not know it was my last one, but I celebrated it because you love it and the biggest prize you can get is to score a goal.
The Day is celebrated as very special day in the scout's calendar.
The 400 believers left the city on December 25 and after they celebrated Christmas they stayed overnight on the hill.
Rosalind Sellers, 25, Government public affairs officer: I think it should be celebrated more.
Work for some of the poorest people in the world has been celebrated, as well as buildings for the prosperous (indeed, the first award of all was given to an orphanage for a really impoverished mountain community in Chhebetar, Nepal, by Hans Olav Hesseberg, and Sixten Rahlff, with Eli Synnevag, AR December 1999).
Now, of course, everybody celebrates everything, and Halloween has become such a big business that it actually gets in the way of Christmas--which, if Madison Avenue had its way, would start being celebrated the Tuesday after Labor Day.
Welcome to the 57th Annual NSCAA Convention in Charlotte, NC, and the culmination of a year in which we have celebrated The Family of Soccer.
The WTCA believes that the best answer to intolerance is to help create a triumphant spirit where all cultures are respected and diversity is celebrated.
Moving from the modem holiday's origins in the middle-class domestic culture of the early nineteenth century, through the waves of commercialization that continue to transform this popular celebration, Marling treats us to a wealth of details, stories, and contemporary illustrations that reveal the way people celebrated America's "greatest holiday.
Hillary Rodham Clinton will kick off three days of events on December 31st, when she hosts opening ceremonies for "America's Millennium," unveiling a National Time Capsule and inviting the nation's most celebrated creators, innovators, and leaders to suggest ideas and artifacts to be included.
Individual parishes which had contributed victorious squads celebrated afterward by parading about with large trophies or crowns made of gold or silver colored paper.
In Africa, aesthetic beauty and functionality are inseparable, and as such is celebrated in this finely designed work on African art.