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cede (something) to (someone)

To yield or give a tract of land to someone. We were shocked to learn that grandma had ceded all of her land to us in her will.
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cede something to someone

to grant a parcel of land to someone. We refuse to cede that land to you. They ceded the land to the city for a park.
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The reinsurers deal with the ceding companies, reinsurance intermediaries, multinational corporations and banks.
In Bellefonte, the 2nd Circuit decided that the monetary amount of "reinsurance accepted" set forth on the face of fairly common reinsurance facultative certificates capped the reinsurer's obligations, even with respect to the ceding company's litigation expenses and costs in the underlying dispute, which can prove astronomical in many matters.
Adapts to short-term ceding philosophy of the insurer;
The first issue addreses whether the ceding enterprise should recognize a liability and the assuming enterprise should recognize an asset if the ceding enterprise is obligated to pay the reinsurer amounts that would not have been required absent experience to date under the contract (for example, payments that would not have been required if losses had not been experienced).
Thus, captives or RRGs acting as reinsurers must be sensitive to offset rules to ameliorate the effect of the insolvency of a ceding company.
Identifying potential microinsurer ceding companies involves many different factors, such as the microinsurer's experience in the particular country and its processes and experience with underwriting, claims and other aspects of the business.
Under current rules, Summers said, ceding companies are penalized if they do not meet regulatory requirements.
Ceding insurers do indeed put themselves on the hook for fronted business, just as they do for risks which they retain or reinsure in a traditional manner.
Executing a reinsurance transaction on a funds-withheld basis is an effective way to mitigate the counter-party credit risk with a reinsurer, since the ceding company retains the ceded premium (less an explicit or contractual margin) and related investment income.
About 60% of these respondents either make or strongly influence the final ceding decision, according to the survey.
ceding insurer if the assuming reinsurer is authorized or accredited in the ceding insurer's state of domicile--or, in some states, in at least one state.
The issue centers on how a company ceding business treats premium timing differences between direct premium it receives and reinsurance premium it cedes when the reinsurance premium is paid less frequently than the direct premium.