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cede (something) to (someone)

To yield or give a tract of land to someone. We were shocked to learn that grandma had ceded all of her land to us in her will.
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cede something to someone

to grant a parcel of land to someone. We refuse to cede that land to you. They ceded the land to the city for a park.
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On the other hand, if an insurer is operating outside the allowed area, the insurer must either raise its own capital or cede premiums to other insurers.
To compensate the Hopis for their loss of use of the property, the agreement pays the Hopi Tribe $15 million of federal funds and cedes it roughly half a million acres of state, federal, and private land in Arizona.
* In line with growth in motor, property and travel insurance, reinsurance in Estonia is anticipated to grow, as insurers cede more to mitigate risk exposure.
The transaction will help CeDe to continue with the expansion of its geographic presence and product offerings.
When progressives are afraid to mount a principled defense of sexual justice on behalf of those who need it most, we cede the stage to rightwing demagogues like Santorum who exploit notions of family and marriage to advance their intolerant agendas.
If we who know the pitfalls of public control stay away from this most promising of transit alternatives, we will cede the ground to the statists who wish to use mass transit as a form of punishment for our environmental sins.
Under this model, in the event that General Synod votes against the local option on the matter of same-sex blessings, "the diocesan bishop of New Westminster (Michael Ingham) and metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon (Archbishop David Crawley) volunteer to temporarily cede jurisdiction" over New Westminster's most strongly dissenting parishes and their clergy to another metropolitan.
but failed to settle differences over how much power national governments would cede to Brussels," read an Associated Press report in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Piedra que cede (The yielding stone), 1992, is the perfect self-portrait of the artist as nomad: a ball of gray plasticine, the same weight as Orozco himself, which the artist rolled through the streets of New York and elsewhere.
The revised draft, presented by the NAIC's Fronting Working Group, would permit an admitted insurer to cede business to an unlicensed reinsurer if the amount of written premiums ceded to a single, unlicensed reinsurer does not exceed 1 percent of the licensed insurer's policyholder surplus in the previous year and if all such reserve liabilities do not exceed 5 percent of the insurer's policyholder surplus.
THE immediate past governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola has said his administration did not cede the ownership of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) to Oyo State as claimed by a former Oyo State governor, Chief Adebayo Alao Akala at the weekend.
CNO Financial's wholly-owned subsidiary, Bankers Life and Casualty, has entered into an agreement with Wilton Reassurance to cede all of its legacy, prior to 2003, comprehensive and nursing home long-term care policies with statutory reserves of approximately $2.7B through 100% indemnity coinsurance.
More than 80% of L/A insurers cede business to a reinsurer, based on reinsurance leverage.
News reports say that the central bank of Italy is planning to cede its stake in insurance provider, Gernerali (BIT.G) to FSI.