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cede (something) to (someone)

To yield or give a tract of land to someone. We were shocked to learn that grandma had ceded all of her land to us in her will.
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cede something to someone

to grant a parcel of land to someone. We refuse to cede that land to you. They ceded the land to the city for a park.
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Cedes was established in 1986 and has some 340 employees.
ASSA ABLOY (STO:ASSAB), a provider of door opening solutions, announced today the signing of an agreement to acquire the Swiss company CEDES, a company offering sensor technology to the door and elevator industry.
According to ASSA ABLOY, CEDES represents an important step in the strategy of adding more intelligence within entrance automation.
The annex declares withdrawals of up to 365 million gallons of water too small to regulate, has no enforcement mechanisms for its proclaimed lofty goals of improving the Great Lakes watershed, and, ultimately, cedes all authority to regulate water exports to the World Trade Organization in the Hague, Netherlands.
Perhaps the reason the annex writers didn't bother drawing up penalties or enforcement procedures is because they know such regulations would be a waste of time, since the annex cedes authority over the lakes to the WTO.
ASSA ABLOY has signed an agreement to acquire the Swiss company CEDES, a leading company in sensor technology to the door and elevator industry.
It is with satisfaction that I welcome CEDES into the ASSA ABLOY Group.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 21, 2015-ASSA ABLOY announces acquisition of CEDES in Switzerland
Under the bill, where a mortgage guaranty insurer cedes insurance to another mortgage guaranty insurer not licensed under New York law, or to an insurer that insures or reinsures other lines of insurance in addition to mortgage guaranty insurance, the ceding insurer can receive credit for such reinsurance as an asset or as a reduction from liabilities where the assuming insurer establishes and maintains in a segregated trust assets equal to or greater than the assets found in the mortgage guaranty insurer's contingency reserve, or four percent of the outstanding total liability under the aggregate insurance policies assumed from the mortgage guaranty insurer.
The issue centers on how a company ceding business treats premium timing differences between direct premium it receives and reinsurance premium it cedes when the reinsurance premium is paid less frequently than the direct premium.