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cede (something) to (someone)

To yield or give a tract of land to someone. We were shocked to learn that grandma had ceded all of her land to us in her will.
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cede something to someone

to grant a parcel of land to someone. We refuse to cede that land to you. They ceded the land to the city for a park.
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The focus of their discussions was a draft document that demands that the president cede his considerable powers to appoint and fire governments and sign economic decrees, and yield them to the parliament, or Duma, now dominated by the Communist Party-led opposition.
The Contract itself is proof positive that most Republicans still have a long intellectual journey to make before they really cede power to the kitchen tables of America.
The federal government would pay the Hopi Tribe $15 million and cede it roughly half a million acres referred to as the C.
The Arabs have warned that if Netanyahu goes through with many of his pledges, including new Jewish settlement in occupied territories and a refusal to cede the Golan Heights, he would undermine the political process toward peace begun by the outgoing Labor government.
The lawmakers clearly were not willing to cede to the president their authority over spending on such programs.
It is mandatory for insurers to cede at least 40% of reinsurance premium to local reinsurers; however, they cannot cede over 20% of their premium to foreign reinsurance affiliates.
Accordingly, the security provided by reinsurers is paramount to the ongoing success and solvency of the primary carriers who cede business to them, and any threat to these reinsurance recoveries would have lasting repercussions on the individuals and businesses the primary companies insure.
For example, with a 10-story office building worth $20 million, a primary carrier may be willing to accept $10 million, then cede the rest to a reinsurer.
Under the above stop-loss example where $100 million of NBC losses from terrorism and $100 million of losses from natural peril are ceded, the company would cede $90 million of premium for a $200 million recovery and thereby obtain $110 million of underwriting benefit.
Effective on or after June 1, 2008, Freddie Mac-approved private mortgage insurers may not cede new risk if the gross risk or gross premium ceded to captive reinsurers is greater than 25 percent.
Best anticipates that Hiscox Guernsey will cede a substantial proportion of its gross written premiums during 2006, with the greater part placed with Hiscox Bermuda.