cavil at

cavil at (one)

To complain to one about someone or something, especially in a way that one finds annoying. If you hate your job so much, quit caviling at me about it and look for a new one!
See also: cavil

cavil at someone

to find fault with someone; to complain about someone constantly. Will you never cease caviling at all of us? There is no need to cavil at me day and night!
See also: cavil
References in classic literature ?
The old navy in its last days earned a fame that no belittling malevolence dare cavil at.
Her eyes, a deep grey, with dark eyelashes and eyebrows, had never been denied their praise; but the skin, which she had been used to cavil at, as wanting colour, had a clearness and delicacy which really needed no fuller bloom.
The lad was too thirsty by now to cavil at anything even remotely resembling water, so he drank his fill while Akut stood with raised head, alert for any danger.
Anne, far from wishing to cavil at the pleasure, replied, "I can easily believe it.
After some little cavil at the word 'sincere,' and asking him if I had ever given him any answers which were not sincere, I promised him I would.
Miss Ophelia felt rather disposed to cavil at this picture, and was laying down her knitting to begin, but St.
The count appeared, dressed with the greatest simplicity, but the most fastidious dandy could have found nothing to cavil at in his toilet.
We also cavil at the cost of Kirklees employing people to enforce the laws and rules but expect a pristine countryside.
uk; Olivier Cavil at Champagne Perrier-Jouet: +33-610-877-364 or olivier.
But only a die-hard would cavil at the mistakes - nail extensions were not popular in the Tang Dynasty gold clothing was restricted to the emperor, etc - in a film that luxuriates in its own over-the-top style.
That they offer such innocuous ways of doing so (choose a badge; agree with or cavil at a political statement) suggests a somewhat melancholic estimation of the audience's mental torpor: For all the comic crapulence of their audience-participation activities, the Smiths are social anatomists and oblique tacticians rather than jokers.
To be fair, Henman's record in the Davis Cup was excellent and no-one can cavil at him not doing his patriotic duty.
These cover most of the gamut of public debate, and while some may cavil at some topics, the balance is fair, with at least two sides being presented in all cases.
If one is to cavil at all, I am not sure the book is much enhanced towards the end by 14 pages of quotes from the press and I think this space could have been better used - perhaps by reproducing some of Hen's comprehensive collection of mind-bogglingly rude faxes.
Ditto, as far as an extension is concerned (I know Mr Redwood's not Welsh but he had such a feeling for the country while Secretary of State that surely no one would cavil at his inclusion).