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caveat emptor

Literally, "buyer beware," the principle that it is the buyer's responsibility to be sure that they are not being cheated, overcharged, or given faulty goods. In no place is the adage "caveat emptor" truer than when buying something off an online classifieds ad. It's no one's fault but your own if you paid good money for a dud of a car. Caveat emptor!
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caveat lector

Latin for "Let the reader beware." Caveat lector! Read the contract so you don't sign anything you'll regret later!
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Some of the investors have moved to court seeking orders to force the two government watchdogs to lift the caveats placed on their properties to pave the way for their development or disposal.For instance, a private investor has sued the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for failure to complete investigations into the ownership of a multimillion shilling property in Nyeri town.
I am also unaware of the reason/s for the Master's caveat.'
a caveat form signed and stamped by the mortgagor (caveat form no.
Multinational ROE Friction Point--National Caveats, Declared and Undeclared
If at the time of the filing of any caveat the decedent's will has been admitted to probate or letters of administration have been issued, the clerk shallmust promptly notify the caveator in writing of the date of issuance of letters and the names and addresses of the personal representative and the personal representative's attorney.
A determination of the application of caveat emptor will depend upon the classification.
All the usual caveats about reloading apply, of course.
"With that caveat, I think the general ideas that were discussed and the specific strategies that have been proposed will move very strongly and very appropriately toward this new approach, this crucial new orientation for the NIEHS."
A caveat about the special features: there is repeated reference to the supposed fact of "global warming," which, we are told, is responsible for irregular ice formations that trap and kill unfortunate penguins.
Even four of the remaining five nations that were not ready to support moving forward with the FTAA included the caveat "at this time" until the outcome of the Doha Round of multilateral talks on global trade is more clear.
Caveat: Although individuals may be eligible to withdraw money from their retirement plans as a result of Hurricane Katrina, their plans may not permit early withdrawals.
Caveat: Excel provides incomplete clues about turning off its voice.
As a caveat, this model for escape simplifies quantum mechanical aspects of neutron interactions.
From a situation where normal market rules of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applied, we have moved to "caveat venditor", where unwary or unprepared suppliers will find themselves without clients.
With that caveat firmly in mind, The Doctor's Health Care is a groundbreaking challenge to "conventional wisdom" concerning what is good and bad for the heart.