caution about

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caution (one) about (someone or something)

To warn one about someone or something. My mom always cautions me about the dangers of texting while driving. You need to caution him about Allie before he falls prey to her usual tricks.
See also: caution

caution someone about someone or something

 and caution someone against someone or something
to warn someone against someone or something. Haven't I cautioned you about that before? Hasn't someone cautioned you about Daniel?
See also: caution
References in classic literature ?
Bennet before breakfast, a conversation beginning with his parsonage-house, and leading naturally to the avowal of his hopes, that a mistress might be found for it at Longbourn, produced from her, amid very complaisant smiles and general encouragement, a caution against the very Jane he had fixed on.
She was in no condition to understand the caution against speaking to him in private, which Mr.
But at present this caution against a too hasty judgment interests me more in relation to Mr.
I would caution against prescribing a cure without fully knowing and understanding the roots of the symptoms and manifestations through an in-depth study of the conditions inside the agency and its processes and procedures,' he added.
855 percent, its highest level in about nine months, as investors unloaded the asset due to caution against a further price fall following recent volatile trading.
Caution Against Ranking provides more details concerning the proper use of UCR statistics.
Ask students why, if so many scientists have concluded that global warming is a problem, there are still some scientists who caution against "climate alarmism.
The guidelines caution against nevirapine because of its potentially life-threatening side effects in HIV-negative people (when used continuously--these side effects do not happen from a single dose).
Obviously, humans are closely related [to nonhuman primates], and there are things we could learn from the system, but I strongly caution against applying data generated in any animal to humans," Lanza says.
I do not regularly caution against hand mudras because they don't seem to have a large effect on the nervous system, unlike the following:
Despite the minimal difference in the Santa Clarita Valley statistics between August and February, officials caution against being lulled by a false sense of security.
It's got a few music reviews and interviews, but I would caution against interviewing a band that plays "punk, funk, reggae, rock and ska" (OK, Fishbone), as they are seriously trying to do too many things at once.
Actual events or results may differ materially from those projected in the forward looking-statements and we caution against placing undue reliance thereon.
dollar remained weak at the lower 85 yen range in New York on Monday amid receding caution against yen-buying market intervention.
But nutritionists caution against eating too much cereal, especially the sugary stuff.