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Patterns identified from early case reports provided convincing evidence that the new syndrome was caused by an infectious agent.
Heart failure caused by an excessive workload is curable by treating the primary disease, such as anemia or thyrotoxicosis.
Bunions may be caused by poor-fitting shoes that press on a deformity or an inherited weakness in the foot.
This condition is generally caused by the o-ring material exceeding its high temperature range.
Coxsackievirus A24v (CA24v) was identified as the etiologic agent, and partial sequences from the VP1 gene show that the isolates are closely related to CA24v viruses that previously caused AHC epidemics in South Korea and French Guiana.
Policy limitations for mental illnesses typically limit benefits to 24 months if the disability is "caused or contributed to" by a "mental illness." Yet many policies fail to define the term "mental illness," and even when it is defined in a policy, confusion arises.
In his original article in 1817, James Parkinson (Parkinson 1817) theorized that the disease that bears his names was caused by stress, an argument that may still have some merit today.
Discolored gels are caused by overheating or burning.
The cause of the epistaxis in each case was not appreciated on endoscopic examination because of the extreme distortion of the nasal anatomy, which had been caused by both the packing and the embolization procedure.
Sometimes caused by over-pronation, there may be an enlargement of the tibial cortex (outer part of the tibial bone) or tendinitis.
* Face: To prevent facial injuries caused by molten metal splash and/or infrared and ultraviolet radiation from high-temperature surfaces or electric arc, use tinted acrylic or #40 wire mesh face shields and wear safety glasses with side shields along with face protection:
Skin infections are usually caused by different streptococci strains than those that cause strep throat.
Many doctors say their patients pressure them to prescribe antibiotics even when their infections are caused by viruses, which are known to be immune to antibiotics.
Surgery to repair arteries can reduce impotence caused by obstructions that block the flow of blood to the penis.
For a decade, scientists, government officials, physicians, journalists, public-service ads, TV shows, and movies have told them that AIDS is caused by a retrovirus called HIV.