cause some raised eyebrows

cause some raised eyebrows

To elicit shock, surprise, or offense, typically through unconventional actions or words. The phrase typically suggests negative attention or judgment. Her irreverent chatter during the ceremony caused some raised eyebrows. My best friend's pink hair definitely caused some raised eyebrows at our very strict school.
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cause (some) eyebrows to raise and cause some raised eyebrows

Fig. to shock people; to surprise and dismay people. (The same as raise some eyebrows.) John caused eyebrows to raise when he married a woman half his age. If you want to cause some eyebrows to raise, just start singing as you walk down the street.
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cause raised eyebrows

Also, raise eyebrows. Cause surprise or disapproval, as in At school his purple hair usually causes raised eyebrows. This transfer of a physical act (raising one's eyebrows) to the feelings it may express took place in the early 1900s. Lytton Strachey used the term in The Eminent Victorians (1918): "The most steady-going churchman hardly raises an eyebrow at it now."
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We didn't know word for word what she was going to say and it did cause some raised eyebrows but we stand by our panellists having strong opinions.
Not least when Lukas Jutkiewicz, squeezed out on loan to Bolton to make way for him in the team and in the wage budget, started to score goals Likewise Tomlin arrived to cause some raised eyebrows. He had come from a lower league, arrived with a threematch suspension to serve and on his first few cameo outings looked sluggish and seemed to be carrying a bit of timber.
SPANISH nobility is about to cause some raised eyebrows in Warwickshire.
The immigrant characters' language with all its slang sounds unrealistic and mars the effect of naturalness, though realism is the author's intended goal, even as the high-sounding English expressions used at times with literary quotations might cause some raised eyebrows. Susheela N.