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This work has investigated damage detection methods depending on the number of measurement locations to be causable in the evaluation of structural performance.
* Column 2 highlights causable factors from the community environment that contribute to the problems presented in column 1.
LPS also stimulates leptomeningeal cells to produce TNF-[alpha] and IL-1[beta], which is consistent with previous studies using E coli LPS [18,19] and other meningitis causable agents [48-50].
Elevated ERP29 expression in CM-treated MCF-7 cells may be causable to apoptosis as observed in our assays.
"I'm walking for my diabetic grandmother today and feel its important to take part in causable events like diabetes," he told Gulf News.
However, there would be a loop of "causability" which he defines as follows P is causable by Q if f [ch.sub.Q](P) and [ch.sub.??P] (P) exist in circumstances S.