caught unaware

caught unawares

To be surprised by someone or something. A: "Oh man, I was totally caught unawares when your mother showed up here this morning." B: "I figured as much when she told me that you answered the door in your robe and curlers!"
See also: caught, unawares

caught unaware(s)

surprised and unprepared. Sorry. You startled me when you came up behind me. I was caught unaware. The clerk was caught unawares, and the robber emptied out the cash register before the clerk could sound the alarm.
See also: caught, unaware
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Whether Russia could achieve another success such as that in Crimea is debatable, but the West should not be caught unaware by further Russian subterfuge.
ASE did not communicate with the Company prior to its tender offer, which has resulted in the Company being caught unaware.
A person is circulating the illegal phonetapping from Delhi and the state's intelligence is caught unaware.
Tenants in Abu Dhabi who were historically paying low rents were caught unaware by a decision to scrap the five per cent rent cap issued in November 2013.
Traders were caught unaware by the surprise decision of the SNB to eliminate the ceiling it had maintained on the Swiss franc's value, causing carnage in the forex trading market.
Neal is caught unaware and before he could think of a way to charm the lady sitting in front of him, Peter appears on the scene, impersonating the senior Dietrich.
But he looked to have been caught unaware when Ozturk let fly from distance and the goalie got a touch but couldn't keep the shot out.
Duval said many women are caught unaware when they are attacked.
When the ball was played back to the midfielder by Remy Cabella, Manchester City's defence were caught unaware enough for the Frenchman to get a clean shot at Joe Hart's goal from 20 yards.
Additionally, since motorcycles are not a year-round road staple in Massachusetts, other drivers may be caught unaware when they begin to flourish in springtime.
How were the political parties caught unaware of the brewing misfortune
Sound quality, though, isn't necessarily the point - which may have been missed by more traditional "audiophile" brands such as Germany's Sennheiser, the Dutch brand Philips and the American Bose, who were caught unaware that colouring the earpiece and cord green or red could affect sales as much as their sound quality.
It swamped a lot of people and they were caught unaware.
But Brian, who yesterday celebrated 25 years of Six One, admitted he always worries about being caught unaware on camera like Aengus Mac Grianna.
Keeping manufacturers and users uninformed about the decision is the failure of the ministry concerned for which business community is being made to pay which is unacceptable, he said adding that many businessmen have been caught unaware which has sent very negative signals.