catch sight of (someone or something)

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catch sight of (someone or something)

To see someone or something very briefly or suddenly. Wendy only caught sight of the burglar for a second, so she couldn't describe his appearance to the police. I didn't know what the bunny was running from, until I caught sight of the dog that was chasing it.
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catch sight of someone or something

 and catch a glimpse of someone or something
to see someone or something briefly; to get a quick look at someone or something. I caught sight of the plane just before it flew out of sight. Ann caught a glimpse of the robber as he ran out of the bank.
See also: catch, of, sight
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catch sight of

See suddenly or unexpectedly, as in When I first caught sight of the Alps, I was overwhelmed. [First half of 1800s]
See also: catch, of, sight
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References in classic literature ?
In the act he caught sight of one of the d'Urberville dames, whose portrait was immediately over the entrance to Tess's bedchamber.
Both parties halted as they caught sight of one another.
"At the A&E department she caught sight of one of the policemen who had been at the scene and asked if he wouldn't mind seeing if her coat was there.
Another caught sight of one meteor in north Wales while "enjoying a whisky in the garden".
If I caught sight of one of its kind springing through the grass at my feet, I wouldn't think twice about it.
Standing on the ground and gazing skywards, he would be thrilled every time he caught sight of one, far away in the horizon.
Just as we were about to head back toward camp in fading daylight, Dwight caught sight of one bull standing in the timber a couple hundred yards away.
Mrs Burchell eventually caught sight of one of the dogs lying next to her daughter.
Virginie Mecene and Kevin Predmore first caught sight of one another on the second floor landing of the old Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance.
"I was about to start when I caught sight of one of them and messed up.
OI caught sight of one magpie on my way here and rightly saluted him with my left hand, but I scanned the horizon and couldnOt spot another!O [ETH] superstitious trainer Len Lungo after Wild Cane Ridge had made a winning start to his chasing career
I caught sight of one or two furtive glances in my direction and on walking past a building site was greeted with a rather cheeky whistle.
RUNNERS in the Liverpool L1310K on Sunday did a double-take when they caught sight of one competitor.
YESTERDAY I caught sight of one of our most endangered species.