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* Second place, 3-D: "Cattywampus Boonfizel" by Kenneth Guth of South Elgin;
"Sometimes a show that relies on reveals and mystery can seem a bit cattywampus, like we're drawing ideas out of a hat in the writers room."
No cattywampus here: Schur's delivering something of a message, says Bell.
SPRINGFIELD - An officer had a hunch that the four people he saw in a 1990s Honda, parked cattywampus in a parking lot just before 3 a.m.
Among the featured plays are Jean Waller's "Cattywampus," about a couple who make discoveries about each other on their way to the Women's March; Anne Segard's "Donnarella Spangle's Feet," about a former circus performer whose past is threatened with exposure; and Cassandra Rose's "Physical," about high school graduates entangled in a sex scandal.