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Positioned diagonally from someone or something. This phrase can be used as an adverb and an adjective. Primarily heard in US. No, you know Mr. Lewis—his house is catty-corner to ours.


1. Crooked or out of alignment; askew. Your tie is all cattywampus. Here, let me fix it for you.
2. Situated diagonally from someone or something else. No, you know Mr. Jones—his house is cattywampus to ours.


mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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Catty turns to each genre in Part I to consider verbal and physical force in the works of both obscure and well-known men.
Although Catty sees rape primarily as 'a violation and negation of female sexual autonomy', she deals with many other aspects, including seduction, blackmail, and threat.
Both Ms Catty and Mr Cotter have brought a wealth of experience to the Board and will continue to serve for a further three years until March 2016.
Catty was so prone to transmogrifying into a dervish whirl of razor-sharp teeth and claws I often expected the vet to demand danger money, whereas Perdi - docile, even timid - is yet to draw blood.
I thought Catty played awesome rugby when he came on against Wales, and he did nothing wrong against France.
Hello Kitty's crushing on her catty pal Daniel, and she's scratching to find him the purr-fect present.
Mr Catty said Lord Archer was one of a number of people he wrote to as he tried to raise the pounds 15,000 needed to stage the show.
He also sent a goodwill message to producer, Benet Catty, wishing the production well during its month-long run.
Wendy Laraghy and Jerry Opdenaker padded and pawed, making Puss in Boots quintessentially, well, catty.
Like those catty "Do" and "Don't" fashion features in Glamour magazine, side-by-side portraits of Harding and Nancy Kerrigan have reinforced virtually every stereotype about femininity, "family values," and which class of girl deserves our admiration.
JOAN Burnie usually directs her bile towards men but with her catty, jealous take on the royal wedding she outdid even her own previously shocking poor taste.
But he too looks like being on the move tonight after Janine's catty efforts to turf him out.
Does she sense that Catty still dwells in my heart?