cattle market

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cattle market

1. A typically public place where one goes to find potential sexual partners. Almost always used in a negative way. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our college's student bar is such a cattle market on the weekends. It seems like everyone I know has hooked up with at least one person there. Everyone knows that the clubs on Leeson Street are just cattle markets for single people.
2. A place or situation in which people are gathered, displayed, and appraised for their looks or abilities, akin to cattle being valued in a market. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. These summer training camps are really just cattle markets for college football recruiters to find the most promising up-and-coming players. The restaurant is an oddity, a cattle market that only hires women for their large busts.
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a cattle market


a meat market

If you describe a situation as a cattle market or a meat market, you mean that people, usually women, are being judged or chosen depending on how sexually attractive they are. The parade of beautiful girls from every nation in the world was rightly dismissed as a cattle market. It's a meat market, like a lot of nightclubs. Note: You use this expression in a disapproving way.
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A mosque and offices for cattle markets would also be constructed at new cattle market, said the commissioner.
People visiting the cattle market said that in cattle market, prices of sacrificial animals are too high and not a single animal is available under Rs30,000.
"The high cost of fodder, transportation of animals and high-fee of the cattle market owners are contributing to an increase in cattle prices on occasion of Eid ul Azha." The traders have also started roaming in streets and villages with their decorated animals to attract buyers.
Government of Balochistan has set up 16 cattle markets for the first time to provide animals', Mitha Khan Kakar said.
Akhtar Gul, a resident of Mamond area, told Dawn that he had been visiting the cattle market in Sadiqabad area for the last four days, but was unable to buy an animal as the prices were much higher than his expectations.
Spokesperson cattle Market, Zaki Abro while talking to reporter on Friday said that digging of trenches for dewatering have already been carried out in the cattle market, besides, issuance of a rain alert for traders.
He said that with the assistance of able and hardworking officers, Cattle Market Companies will be reorganized and more targets will be fixed to enhance their capacity.
Led by Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Akbar Marri, Balo Marri, Umer Daraz Qureshi, Muhammad Nizam and others raised slogans against the contractor of cattle market Ali Gohar Shah and chairman MCM.
"People from all over Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries are coming to Kara-Balta and Tokmok cattle markets. There are people who buy cattle there and bring it to Sokuluk market.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, Omar Al Sharji, Director of Public Services at the municipality, said there is a plan in place to organise the work in the cattle market and abattoirs to provide the best possible services.
Members of the National Farmers' Union (NFU) Cymru who are opposed to the Vale of Glamorgan council's plans for the sale and re-development of Cowbridge Cattle Market, took part in a demonstration at Cowbridge Town Hall and the cattle market on Friday.
Rugby Cattle Market was presented with the award by local customer Brian Swift, from Bicknell.
I REFER to your report about the relocation of Rugby Cattle Market (Telegraph, May 6) and the statement by John Hall, Rugby livestock sales boss, that the move is as much the start of an era as the end of one.
Another buyer at the cattle market adjacent to the Kamalapur Stadium said the government's decision of not letting any cattle market along the roads and highways is very positive and this is not creating any problem to the vehicular movement in the city.
With Eid-ul-Azha approaching, the Karachi cattle market, the biggest in Asia, seems to be yet again the talk of the town.