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all hat and no cattle

Full of talk that is more impressive than that which one actually possesses or is able to do. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. He talks as though he knows more than anyone else, but he's all hat and no cattle.
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cattle call

A large audition (for film, television, theater, etc.) that is open to the public, meaning many people typically attend and they are often seen very briefly. I spent days preparing for the audition, but it turns out it was just a cattle call and they ushered me out before I was even halfway done with the monologue.
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cattle market

1. A typically public place where one goes to find potential sexual partners. Almost always used in a negative way. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our college's student bar is such a cattle market on the weekends. It seems like everyone I know has hooked up with at least one person there. Everyone knows that the clubs on Leeson Street are just cattle markets for single people.
2. A place or situation in which people are gathered, displayed, and appraised for their looks or abilities, akin to cattle being valued in a market. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. These summer training camps are really just cattle markets for college football recruiters to find the most promising up-and-coming players. The restaurant is an oddity, a cattle market that only hires women for their large busts.
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all hat and no cattle

If you describe someone as all hat and no cattle, you mean that they seem impressive or exciting but in reality they do not do much. On this issue, western leaders are all hat and no cattle. Note: This expression comes from the West of America, where cowboys (= people who look after cattle) wear large hats.
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a cattle market


a meat market

If you describe a situation as a cattle market or a meat market, you mean that people, usually women, are being judged or chosen depending on how sexually attractive they are. The parade of beautiful girls from every nation in the world was rightly dismissed as a cattle market. It's a meat market, like a lot of nightclubs. Note: You use this expression in a disapproving way.
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be all hat and no cattle

tend to talk boastfully without acting on your words. US informal
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n. a thief who steals meat from supermarkets for resale. (Underworld.) Marty is a cattle-rustler, and she’s got some stuff for sale.

big hat, no cattle

All talk and nothing to back it up. “Big hat” is the Western ten-gallon variety; the term is often applied to ranchers. On the theory that if you're going to wear one, you'd better be a cowboy and not just dress like one, you should be able to produce a head or more of livestock. If you couldn't, you were just full of hot air.
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If we ever get back to Ithaca, we can build a fine temple to the sun-god and enrich it with every kind of ornament; if, however, he is determined to sink our ship out of revenge for these homed cattle, and the other gods are of the same mind, I for one would rather drink salt water once for all and have done with it, than be starved to death by inches in such a desert island as this is.
Now the cattle, so fair and goodly, were feeding not far from the ship; the men, therefore, drove in the best of them, and they all stood round them saying their prayers, and using young oak-shoots instead of barley-meal, for there was no barley left.
And indeed the gods began at once to show signs and wonders among us, for the hides of the cattle crawled about, and the joints upon the spits began to low like cows, and the meat, whether cooked or raw, kept on making a noise just as cows do.
Billy knew the ranch thoroughly, and took short-cuts through the woods by way of cattle paths.
Lying low against their horses' necks, they scrambled up a steep cattle trail out of the canyon, and began to work across rough country toward the knolls.
However, upon second thoughts they altered one part of their resolution too, and resolved only to remove part of their cattle thither, and part of their corn there; so that if one part was destroyed the other might be saved.
Tenders are invited for Construction of Cattle Ghat and Bathing Ghat on Lower Ganga Canal (LGC):1.
LAHORE -- Chief Secretary Punjab Khizar Hayat Gondal has directed all divisional commissioners to take action against illegal cattle markets and get them removed immediately.
Here, we summarize the adaptation of indigenous African cattle emphasizing the importance and need to unravel and characterize these cattle at genome level.
April 7, 2015 (BOR) -- As South Sudan's Jonglei state continues to experience what seemed to be uncontrollable threats of cattle theft, child abduction and trafficking, Bor county officials accused the neighbouring Murle community in the newly created Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) of stealing their cattle.
Buner -- The mobile clinic unit of the department of live stock and dairy development on Tuesday was organized a camp at hilly point Jubra in union council Gadezai tehsil Daggar for protection of cattle against seasonal diseases in the chilly cold weather.
Australia is going to sign a significant cattle deal with China.
THE price store cattle are attracting at auction has improved by around PS50 per animal in the last two weeks according to the Livestock Auctioneers Association (LAA).
DUBLIN, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Cattle Feed (Mature Ruminants, Young Ruminants, & Others) Market - Trends & Forecasts to 2018" report to their offering.