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Positioned diagonally from someone or something. This phrase can be used as an adverb and an adjective. Primarily heard in US. No, you know Mr. Lewis—his house is catty-corner to ours.


1. Crooked or out of alignment; askew. Your tie is all cattywampus. Here, let me fix it for you.
2. Situated diagonally from someone or something else. No, you know Mr. Jones—his house is cattywampus to ours.

dead cat bounce

A sign that something is healthy or recovering, when in fact the thing is already on its way to ruin, collapse, or stagnation. Used particularly in reference to financial issues. (Based on the figurative notion that a dead cat will still bounce after a large fall.) Analysts are warning investors that the sudden spike in the currency's value is a dead-cat bounce, a natural and predictable rally after a heavy sell-off.
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mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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He tries to assert a chatty and puckish demeanor, but he's too sad even to conjure the cattiness that usually accompanies the fey and dodgy language of such a man: someone who has been wounded and is always ready to be wounded again.
As well as all the carpet cattiness, the pair will also be mingling with stars at the exclusive after-show soiree.
It could be argued that I am being unfair in reading Angier's own authorial voice in such a gendered way, that it is wrong (and even misogynous) to hold her to a gender-neutral standard, and that it is unjust to see her critique of the women in Levi's life as an exercise in female cattiness. Such objections would be entirely justified, were it not for one shocking passage in which Angier eroticizes her authorial persona, so that our reading of her presence throughout this biography is profoundly conditioned by it.
His slow Southern drawls, the hint of New York disdain, the cattiness of women in high-stakes competition for one man all make for a gripping tale.
Their politesse often harbored vicious cattiness toward girls less privileged than they in looks, class or race.
Nevertheless, this is a show in which human interactions are taken fairly lightly, looks are overvalued, women treat each other with suspicion and cattiness, men are jealous and stubborn, and everyone is critical.
In our century, Edmund Wilson complained that "this continual complaining and having to be comforted is one of the most annoying traits of women writers...." More recently, a piece by Bernard Bergonzi in The New York Review of Books began, "Women novelists, we have reamed to assume, like to keep their focus narrow," and in an essay on Katherine Anne Porter, Theodore Solotaroff referred to Porter's "bitchiness" and "relentless cattiness," terms used, perhaps too rarely, to scold mean-spirited male writers.
So Professor Hager's cattiness is understandable: "People wonder how Judge Richard Posner writes so much....
Heim offers an explanation for that behavior: "I believe that women employees don't make a conscious decision to attack, but rather their cattiness is an unconscious attempt to reflatten the hierarchy."
While analyzing the "sexual weakness that makes woman depend upon man," for example, Wollstonecraft scorns "a kind of cattish affection which leads a wife to purr about her husband as she would about any man who fed and caressed her." If the female looks subhuman in her cattiness here, elsewhere she appears sinful in her cunning trickery.
Frances Makil-Ignacio and Ces Quesada are splendid as the ghosts, who may at first be mistaken as two peas in a pod, but through their squabbles, cattiness, deliveries and pauses, radiantly emerge as real personalities.
"I'm tired of the fighting and the cattiness. I want to be part of something that empowers and inspires women to not only be healthy, but to treat themselves with respect."
2018 Shift the convo away from the cattiness. When one of your crew brings up "that weird new girl" for the millionth time, change the pace by stating something specific like, "Actually, I think she's kind of awesome.
Recent adversary Taylor Swift may have to watch out for Katy's claws, but a little cattiness can be fun.