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Positioned diagonally from someone or something. This phrase can be used as an adverb and an adjective. Primarily heard in US. No, you know Mr. Lewis—his house is catty-corner to ours.


1. Crooked or out of alignment; askew. Your tie is all cattywampus. Here, let me fix it for you.
2. Situated diagonally from someone or something else. No, you know Mr. Jones—his house is cattywampus to ours.
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mod. with only a slight bounce. (See the explanation at deadcat bounce. Securities markets.) We expected the stock to go up a lot today, but the increase was no better than dead-catty.
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TeamSpot allows for "virtual desktopping," explains Cattier. Students can show their work to a defined group of users, or the entire class, while others can add information or instructors can add comments and corrections.
Instructors are giving up some control, says Cattier, because collaborative technologies and virtual desktops shift more power to students.
Spornick, Cattier, and Greene sometimes find that the landscapes resemble those described by Bartram, noting for example that old-growth stands of poplars, hemlocks, and oaks preserved in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina are 300-400 years old.
While several of the trails established during the bicentennial years of Bartram's explorations are now overgrown and a national Bartram trail failed to receive federal recognition, Spornick, Cattier, and Greene offer hope for renewed interest in William Bartram--and in the landscapes through which he traveled--by describing the many extant memorial trails, parks, and gardens in a single volume.
I SEE that Cattier champagne have invented a cork that prevents parvenus making champagne bottles go "pop" too loudly when opened.
At the time, the cattier members of the Napa Valley crowd made derisive comments about TV dinners--which the Swanson family invented--and wine, turning up their noses at the would-be local vintner.
The vice presidents are Stephane Duproz of Data Center Africa (Liquid Telecom), South Africa and Kenya, Amine Kandil of N+One, Morocco, Dr Lawrence Nkala of Tel One, Zimbabwe and Paul-Francois Cattier, Schneider Electric, Ivory Coast.
I want to personally thank Paul-Francois Cattier, Schneider Electric, for leading such an initiative, which has been a great success.
He was mysterious, and flippant and cattier than Dorothy Parker."
The match will be, on behalf of Maurice Cattier, also a former player with Ladywood, Buckley can be contacted on (021) 422 6393.
Women, who seem cattier than men, have said they've seen her going in and out of my house and she is upset.
As for women being cattier than men, I'll go for that.
The session was headlined by the company's top executives including Mike Hughes, the senior VP, EMEA (IT Business), Paul-Francois Cattier, the global VP (Datacenters, IT Business) and Christian Bertrand, the VP for Middle East and Africa (IT Business).