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cater to (someone or something)

1. To assist or provide something to a person or business. As a personal assistant, I cater to busy professionals who need help managing their lives.
2. To give special treatment or consideration to someone, perhaps to an excessive degree. They're our biggest account, so we usually end up catering to them to make sure they're completely satisfied with the service. My sister has been catering to my every whim ever since I caught her sneaking in past curfew.
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cater to someone or something

1. Lit. to provide for or care for someone or something. I believe that we can cater to you in this matter. Our company caters to larger firms that do not wish to maintain a service department.
2. Fig. to provide special or favorable treatment for someone or something. I'm sorry, but I cannot cater to you and not to the others. We do not have the time to cater to special requests.
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Speaking at a stakeholders' workshop to disseminate the findings of the Cost Benefit Analysis on the Ghana School Feeding Programme at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, she said though MMDCEs are key stakeholders in the GSFP at the district level, they have no right whatsoever to award contracts to their favourite caterers without explicit approval from the Ministry.
A box lunch is typically prepared by a caterer and dropped off to a location for a client's dining needs.
This means the caterer will attend to table settings, drinks and cleanup.
Tejar Dubai, an initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, announced that it has recently launched The Caterer, a new age company offering nutritious and balanced meals to businesses, communities and individuals.
Ministry of Religious Affairs has deputed its staff at the caterers providing meal to the Hujjaj to ensure both the quantity and quality of the food.
One should take necessary steps that might help in finding a caterer that best suits their needs.
Director of Carringtons Catering and Master Chef of Great Britain Darren Wynn said: "We are thrilled to have been appointed by Bodrhyddan Hall as a preferred caterer. In 2016, we were delighted to have catered for the venue's brand manager's wedding which proved to be a great success and such an enjoyable day.
Some restaurants and caterers have already voluntarily started putting up signs and stickers on their doors indicating the type of meat and chicken being used, shortly after subsidies were lifted in October 1 last year.
I asked, "Why is the synagogue required to include the caterer and pay for its exposures?" The board and the caterer immediately responded that the contract required it.
He said that as this was the caterer's first offence, the catering bill for the flight would not be paid.
Railways have imposed heavy fines totalling ` 11.50 lakh on nine caterers, including IRCTC, for serving bad quality food in trains.
After Ellinoy attended Passover in the Deserta week-long Wilderness Torah outdoor celebrationin 2013, she found a caterer who seemed in sync with their values: chef Baruch Schwadron of Hearth Healing Foods, an organic kosher caterer who makes custom wedding menus.
CATERER Yacht Club Outside is making a return to the Liverpool Hope University International Tennis Tournament, having been announced as the official caterer for the second year running.
The 91 outbreak cases were in customers of lunch trucks (78), gas stations (three), or vending machines (two) that received product from the implicated caterer. Six were employees of the implicated caterer, and two were lunch truck drivers.
Childhood sweethearts Ben Daubney and Clare Millar, from Jarrow, were left with just a week to find a new caterer after shelling out pounds 3,000 for food on their big day.