catch your death

catch (one's) death (of cold)

To become ill with the common cold. This phrase is often used hyperbolically. You'll catch your death of cold if you leave the house with wet hair—it's freezing outside! I hate going to the doctor's office—I always seem to catch my death after being around all those germs!
See also: catch, death

catch your death (of cold)

catch a severe cold or chill. informal
See also: catch, death

catch your ˈdeath (of cold)

(old-fashioned, informal) (usually said to emphasize how cold it is) get a very bad cold: Don’t go out without your coat — you’ll catch your death.
See also: catch, death
References in classic literature ?
You shall trudge away, and do your errands in the rain, and if you catch your death and ruin your bonnet, it's no more than you deserve.
Put your cardi back on, you'll catch your death from exploitation," boom those who hate it.
But while it was a balmy 23C in Miami yesterday, in London on Thursday night it was only 2C, so word of advice, Justin - your buff new look is impressive but put a shirt on or you'll catch your death.
One friend reflected that she and my father had "lived great lives", another more simply that "the world is less of a place", while a third recounted that when she visited my mother in the last fragile weeks of her life, Rene drifted out of sleep, opened her eyes and muttered: "You should be wearing a jumper, you'll catch your death of cold.
You'll catch your death of a cold" was a literal statement a generation before it became a comical clich.
The nostalgic opening track, Catch Your Death, echoes the cautionary words of a myriad bygone mothers, and Rules of Life is in similar vein, delivered by the world-weary veteran of numerous lessons learned.
It just shows what your mum used to say about 'cover up or you'll catch your death of cold' is a load of rubbish
So get your shirts back on - you could catch your death.
It maybe summer, but this is Yorkshire -and you'll catch your death of cold wandering about in that flimsy nightie.
John worked until late into the nights to finish his design - You'll Catch Your Death Out There.
Polly Hopkins: You'll catch your death going out like that
The kind of lacy, sparkly, 'barely there' creation that would have your mum wailing 'you'll catch your death if you go out in that'.
You'll catch your death of cold Your mother said it was ok I must be getting old.