catch with

catch (someone) with (someone or something)

1. To find, and perhaps apprehend, one in possession of something suspicious. If they catch us with the other team's mascot, they'll think we stole it! The jewel thief was caught with the necklace hidden inside his shoe.
2. To apprehend one by using a particular device or method. The police seem confident that they'll be able to catch the escaped convicts with helicopters and dogs.
3. To find one with someone else, usually in the midst of an illicit activity. Police caught the suspect with known mobsters. Don't let me catch you with Dean again. I told you he's trouble.
See also: catch

catch someone with something

1. to discover or apprehend someone with something—usually something stolen or illicit. They caught Elizabeth with the earrings she shoplifted. Don't let them catch you with the money!
2. to apprehend someone with the aid of something. The state trooper caught the speeder with radar. The cops caught Lefty with the help of an informer.
See also: catch
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Jamie Morgan topped his catch with a 19lb common carp when he visited Grange Springs at Trellech and other Newport anglers who caught big fish were Marc Caddy with a mirror of 18.
Apart from Spain, Portugal was the only other country to take a significant share of the overall catch with 16,554 tonnes (24% and 30% of the EEA and EU totals respectively).
If the catcher chooses to catch with his bare hand near his glove, we have him keep the hand open behind the glove with the thumb tucked behind the index finger.
Brian Hill landed a 9lb 14oz rainbow and Nick Evans of Bridgend topped off his catch with a 9.
Tony Bartlett had the top catch with four rainbows weighing 16.