get wind of

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get wind of (something)

To become aware of something, especially something being kept secret, through indirect means. If Mom gets wind of this prank we're planning, we'll be grounded for the rest of the summer. If the press gets wind of this, the campaign will be over.
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get wind of something

 and catch wind of something
Fig. to learn of something; to hear about something. The police got wind of the illegal drug deal. John caught wind of the gossip being spread about him.
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get wind of

Learn of; hear a rumor about. For example, "If my old aunt gets wind of it, she'll cut me off with a shilling" (William Makepeace Thackeray, in Paris Sketch Book, 1840). This expression alludes to an animal perceiving a scent carried by the wind. [First half of 1800s]
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get wind of

begin to suspect that something is happening; hear a rumour of. informal
See also: get, of, wind
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We're hoping that more people catch wind of this opportunity to win recognition and will nominate a company next year."
Manchester United fans were quick to catch wind of the exchange, and many took to Twitter to share Martial's response and reply to it with one of their own.
The often private couple did not publicly disclose the birth of their babies, but ( Us Weekly managed to catch wind of it.
Instead of crossing his fingers hoping the press wouldn't catch wind of the bad news, which some district spokespeople might have done, the district's press secretary immediately publicized an investigation into alleged cheating on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test in February.
The pace of change is not likely to slow down, and metals recyclers and the leading edge of the market they represent are likely to be the first to catch wind of the next major changes in global economic trends.
If the folks in Tennessee catch wind of this, the U.S.
Sometimes hosts of such gatherings contact the fire marshal's office and sometimes inspectors catch wind of planned events and prohibit them, he said, but the nature of the mobile clubs makes them difficult to monitor.