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It was not the fashion for Sea Catch to eat anything during the four months he stayed on the beaches, and so his temper was generally bad.
Yet there was very little breath I could catch to hold, and I swiftly discovered that it was not so much a matter of swimming as of breathing.
In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of teams losing games because what looked like a game-winning catch to the naked eye was reversed by instant replay review.
The Britten family from Newbridge-Bob, his son Matthew and grandson Iestyn- had a nine fish catch to take home; Tip Evans and Paul Reay returned his eight rainbows to 3lb and Phil Taylor put seven back.
The program has three categories: state record--which recognizes those anglers who break current New York State records; annual award--for anglers who catch the three heaviest fish of the year for each eligible species; and catch-and-release--to commend the actions of anglers who return their qualifying catch to the water.
However, concern about the state of the stock and resultant management measures reduced the catch to 8,400a tonnes in 2004.