catch (one's) death (of cold)

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catch (one's) death (of cold)

To become ill with the common cold. This phrase is often used hyperbolically. You'll catch your death of cold if you leave the house with wet hair—it's freezing outside! I hate going to the doctor's office—I always seem to catch my death after being around all those germs!
See also: catch, death

catch one's death (of cold)

 and take one's death (of cold)
Fig. to contract a cold, a common respiratory infection; to catch a serious cold. If I go out in this weather, I'll catch my death of cold. Dress up warm or you'll take your death.
See also: catch, death

catch your death (of cold)

catch a severe cold or chill. informal
See also: catch, death

catch your ˈdeath (of cold)

(old-fashioned, informal) (usually said to emphasize how cold it is) get a very bad cold: Don’t go out without your coat — you’ll catch your death.
See also: catch, death

catch (one's) death

To catch a cold or other illness.
See also: catch, death
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They'll catch their death without coats on in this weather
Yet as the skimpily dressed young things paraded before us, I had but one thought - a real middle-aged dad's thought: "They'll catch their death of cold, dressed like that in a multi-storey car park.
They'll catch their death of cold", I caught myself muttering as we went past, pulling my sensible coat around my sensible mumsy shoulders.
NET purple sprouting broccoli so the birds don't enjoy it as much as you do and put some fleece over emerging strawberries so they don't catch their death of cold.
You know you're getting old when you look at them, under-dressed and overwatered, and start muttering to yourself: "They'll catch their death.
That will leave them all the time in the world to cake themselves in mud and massage each other's ego at the local park until they catch their death of cold.
I must admit, though, I did worry some of the young ladies might catch their death of cold as some of them had clearly left their Bikini tops at home.
GOODNESS - those girls will catch their death of cold
Their usual rosy-pink colouring and long, pale tubular stalks do give them an air of nudity, as if they might catch their death of cold.
It would be like forking out cash to go to Glastonbury just to find that what you get is an amateur world music festival where the Lapp dancers have woolly hats and reindeers rather than being ladies who would catch their death if they went out dressed like that.
I'm worried many of them will catch their death of cold.
I went with my niece Sarah but soon realised it was time to go home when all I wanted to do was rush up to all the young girls and tell them to wrap up or they would catch their death of cold.
Huey said: "I just hope they don't catch their death of cold out there.
Then we arrive in Liverpool and I spend the first hour musing on the fact that most of the males don't lookold enough to shave, that thefemales will all catch their deaths of cold,and wondering just when the distinction between underwear and outerwear ceased to matter.