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Fig. a severe scolding. (*Typically: get ~; Catch ~; give someone ~.) Bill is always getting the devil about something. I'm late. If I don't get home soon, I'll catch the devil!
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Here is French President Francois Hollande asking the UN team to change its course from Khan al-Assal to Al-Ghouta, in the hope that it would catch the devil responsible for the chemical gases crime.
Aaronson quotes an FBI official defending this practice: "To catch the devil you have to go to hell.
Pelle has been skating for several weeks and how Giants would love to catch the Devils out by giving the goals ace his return against his former club.
Maybe if someone can identify this door, it will allow them to catch the devils who have done this.
Neither of the bottom two, Solihull MK Kings and Hull Thunder, can now catch the Devils.