catch sight of

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catch sight of (someone or something)

To see someone or something very briefly or suddenly. Wendy only caught sight of the burglar for a second, so she couldn't describe his appearance to the police. I didn't know what the bunny was running from, until I caught sight of the dog that was chasing it.
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catch sight of someone or something

 and catch a glimpse of someone or something
to see someone or something briefly; to get a quick look at someone or something. I caught sight of the plane just before it flew out of sight. Ann caught a glimpse of the robber as he ran out of the bank.
See also: catch, of, sight

catch sight of

See suddenly or unexpectedly, as in When I first caught sight of the Alps, I was overwhelmed. [First half of 1800s]
See also: catch, of, sight
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We catch sight of traffic on the A64 away to our right as we follow a wire fence on our left hand side to a junction of routes.
For seven years, I've been watching them run," laments the recluse (Ricci) after the latest batch of potential suitors catch sight of her porcine nose - the family curse - and run.
Crowds who gathered to catch sight of Ireland's newest multimillionaires cheered wildly as Paul and Helen puckered up for photographers on the red carpet rolled out by the National Lottery.
The results come as motoring organisation RAC reveals mobile phone shops are not giving their customers enough information about the dangers of driving while talking on a mobile, with some even advising customers just to throw down the phone if they catch sight of the police.
They are much harder to spot, so count yourself lucky if you manage to catch sight of one.
Bird watchers have been flocking to the 285-acre Bough Beech Reservoir to catch sight of the bird.
And given the amount of drivers who mysteriously slow down as soon as they catch sight of the pair, the number of speeders could easily have been three or four times higher in their absence.
Only on passing into the central courtyard do visitors catch sight of the monumental structures that have risen within.
SCOTTISH football fans should stay tuned to the latest pictures from the Phoenix probe on Mars to see if we catch sight of any of the following: The ball booted out of Parkhead by Peter van Vossen.
Continuing up the slope, we catch sight of Highcliff Nab through the trees ahead - with an open field below on our left.
She said: "We may hear and see flashy Great Spotted Woodpeckers, catch sight of a water loving Kingfisher and there's even the possibility of surprising an otter at such an early hour.
that they did not so much as catch sight of the real problems of morality'.