catch (a)hold of (someone or something)

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catch (a)hold of (someone or something)

To grasp or grip something. Catch hold of that end of the sheet and pull it straight. I tried to catch ahold of her before she fell off the step, but it happened too fast.
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catch (a)hold of someone or something

to grasp or seize someone or something. See if you can catch hold of the rope as it swings back and forth. I couldn't catch ahold of her.
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catch/get/grab/take (a) ˈhold of somebody/something

have or take somebody/something in your hands: He caught hold of her wrists so she couldn’t get away.Lee got hold of the dog by its collar.Quick, grab a hold of that rope.
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But when a customer, Mohammad Shahzad, tried to catch hold of one of the culprits, the accused allegedly snatched Shahzad's licensed pistol, opened fire on him and fled.
Banshi was able to catch hold of one of the thieves, who was later arrested by Dubai Police.
A British Transport Police spokesman said the man was near the line with two dogs and apparently tried to catch hold of one of them that had run in front of the train.
After he voiced alarm, passersby tried to intercept the vehicle and overpower the suspected robbers and managed to catch hold of one of them.
Hamdi chased them down and was able to catch hold of one of the thieves.