catch hold of

catch (a)hold of (someone or something)

To grasp or grip something. Catch hold of that end of the sheet and pull it straight. I tried to catch ahold of her before she fell off the step, but it happened too fast.
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catch (a)hold of someone or something

to grasp or seize someone or something. See if you can catch hold of the rope as it swings back and forth. I couldn't catch ahold of her.
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catch/get/grab/take (a) ˈhold of somebody/something

have or take somebody/something in your hands: He caught hold of her wrists so she couldn’t get away.Lee got hold of the dog by its collar.Quick, grab a hold of that rope.
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References in classic literature ?
It is as if an invisible hand had been stealthily uplifted from the bottom to catch hold of her keel as it glides through the water.
"Catch hold of my arm or you'll drop him!" he heard one of the servants say in a frightened whisper.
And she ran to the wall and tried to catch hold of the flickering shadow; for, to children of five years old, a shadow seems almost as real as a substance.
I'd catch hold of your throat and choke you for half a guinea."
Let him say he was, in so much as a word of one syllable, and I'll either catch hold of his throat and choke him for half a guinea;" Mr.
Cruncher could not be restrained from making rather an ostentatious parade of his liberality--"I'd catch hold of your throat and choke you for half a guinea."
If a man and horse have to cross a broad river, the best plan is for the man to catch hold of the pommel or mane, and help himself with the other arm.
After he voiced alarm, passersby tried to intercept the vehicle and overpower the suspected robbers and managed to catch hold of one of them.
Harris told ANI that instead of making statements on such issues, the Prime Minister should catch hold of "anti-social" elements and put them in jail.
He reiterated his determination to catch hold of the lapses and shortcomings on our part and adopt measures to regain our lost glory.
January JANUARY'S a month to start anew Still in recovery from the parties and queues A month when you just want to sit down and think Catch hold of your breath and do your own thing A month when you say let's try something new Maybe join a new class or find some exotic view It's a month when the weather seems too much to bear We need 'Mr Sun' and some proper fresh air Just a glimpse would do us just fine, As we patiently wait for winter's decline!
Police said that as the man came towards him, the boy started to run and the man raised his arm in an attempt to catch hold of the boy.
NNA - The Lebanese Army managed to catch hold of a wanted terrorist, from Kataeb Azzam, in Bek by causing him a lethal injury.
I'm sure David Silva and co would run rings round him, but there would be one special moment when he would catch hold of Samir Nasri and leave him crumpled on the ground like a dirty pile of washing.
Sometimes, I try to let it back gently, hinting that the door is going to fall, if the person does not catch hold of it.