catch death

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catch (one's) death (of cold)

To become ill with the common cold. This phrase is often used hyperbolically. You'll catch your death of cold if you leave the house with wet hair—it's freezing outside! I hate going to the doctor's office—I always seem to catch my death after being around all those germs!
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catch one's death (of cold)

 and take one's death (of cold)
Fig. to contract a cold, a common respiratory infection; to catch a serious cold. If I go out in this weather, I'll catch my death of cold. Dress up warm or you'll take your death.
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catch (one's) death

To catch a cold or other illness.
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catch one's death (of a cold), to

To become infected with a cold. This hyperbolic phrase, often used as a warning (“Wear your hat or you’ll catch your death”), dates from the late 1800s.
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