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be (sitting) in the catbird seat

To be in a powerful position. The phrase likely refers to the catbird's preference for high tree branches (which keep predators at bay). Primarily heard in US. As the CEO's assistant, you are definitely sitting in the catbird seat. I know you were hoping to be elected president over Joe, but, as vice president, you're in the catbird seat if he resigns.
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in the catbird seat

Sl. in a dominant or controlling position. Sally's in the catbird seat—telling everybody where to go. I hold all the aces. I'm in the catbird seat.
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catbird seat

A situation of advantage or superiority, as in His promotion put Charles in the catbird seat. This term is thought to allude to that noisy bird's habitual high perch. It was popularized in the 1940s by sportscaster Red Barber.
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be sitting in the catbird seat


be in the catbird seat

If you are sitting in the catbird seat or are in the catbird seat, you are in an important or powerful position. He'd go broke tomorrow if I left him, and I'd be sitting in the catbird seat. If the campaign is quick, short and successful, both leaders will be in the catbird seat. Note: This expression became widely known in the 1940s and 1950s, when it was used by the baseball commentator Red Barber. Catbirds are North American songbirds. The expression may be explained by the fact that catbirds often sit very high up in trees.
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in the catbird seat

mod. in a dominant or controlling position. I hold all the aces. I’m in the catbird seat.
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catbird seat

An enviable position, “sitting pretty.” Catbirds seek the highest limbs of trees on which to perch. The view from on high and the relative safety from predators puts them in an advantageous spot. The term is best known as the title of a James Thurber short story and from radio sportscaster Walter Lanier “Red” Barber's using it while broadcasting baseball games.
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