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Squeeze casting can produce castings with improved ductility and higher tensile properties than conventional high pressure diecasting due to reduced porosity.
To safeguard our own castings from having the wrong chemistry, we charge the furnaces with known materials of known chemistry.
Traditionally, short and medium-run shops have achieved flexibility by clumping identical castings together in batches.
The creation of thin-wall iron castings requires a delicate balance of proper metal chemistry, inoculation practice, gating design and molding and core materials, which may be why many metalcasting facilities have been slow to adopt these practices and move toward thinner castings.
Following is a profile of each of the award-winning components--two Castings of the Year, three Best-in-Class and two Honorable Mention winners--including detailed information on the castings and the benefits they provided.
This article was adapted from a paper presented at the 2005 AFS International Conference on High Integrity Light Metals Castings, Indianapolis.
At Audi AG's Ingolstadt facility, a six-axis robot was chosen to handle the aluminum and magnesium castings, which were produced using both conventional and vacuum diecasting.
Cast Materials 1 The Significance Of The Die Cast Skin Pertaining To The Fatigue Properties Of ADC12 Aluminum Alloy Die Castings
Precision sand casting (PSC) is a molding technique used to produce dimensionally accurate castings with thin sections through the use of chemical binders and dimensionally accurate and durable pattern equipment.
* Automation, improved compaction and better raw materials make it easier to consistently produce high-quality castings in lost foam.
The true results from the increased automation and improved efficiencies are shown in increased quality levels of the castings. Hayes Montague's parts-per-million (ppm) defects has dropped from 45 in 2003 to 6.9 in 2004.
Although there are various ways such defects occur, they are known as the number one source of scrapped castings. One method to improve the defect rate is to focus on the gating system and look to how a slight augmentation to the system can eliminate inclusion errors.
The percentage of graphite in the form of nodules in the matrix and their size and distribution are two important factors that affect the material properties of ductile iron, so checking the nodularity in ductile iron castings is an important step in ensuring quality parts to a customer.