cast doubt

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cast doubt

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty. Why did you change your mind about giving Walt the promotion? Did something happen to cast doubt?
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cast doubt on (someone or something)

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon cast doubt on that decision. Such a significant error really cast doubt on all of the experiment's results.
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cast doubt(s) (on someone or something)

to cause someone or something to be doubted. The police cast doubt on my story. How can they cast doubt? They haven't looked into it yet. The city council cast doubt on John and his plan.
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References in classic literature ?
And how hard it was to talk to him, without crushing some flower of his fancy or casting doubt upon his dreams.
One thing alone I looked towards as a possible means of casting doubt on my terrible conviction--the discovery that my vision of Prague had been false--and Prague was the next city on our route.
Sidney is accused of a crime that sends shockwaves through the local community and a man dies in police custody on Geordie's watch, casting doubts on his future in the force.
Summary: LONDON: The Saudi Embassy in UK has described reports carried in a section of the British media recently casting doubts on Saudi Arabia's financial aid to British universities.
OLYMPIC gold medallist Darren Campbell is talking to solicitors about suing TV pundit Michael Johnson for casting doubts over his hamstring injury.
Linden draws on physics and evolution as well as psychology and sociology, while at the same time casting doubts on the scientific method as the exclusive path to knowing the true intelligence of animals.
OASIS star Liam Gallagher has hit out at Posh Spice, casting doubts on her ability to write her autobiography.
Gunter Nimtz of the University of Cologne in Germany contends that information can indeed travel faster than c, casting doubts on both causality and special relativity.