casting couch

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the casting couch

A phenomenon in which prospective employees (typically females) are propositioned for sexual favors in exchange for promised employment or career advancement. The practice is most associated with the entertainment industry, and the term refers to the actual piece of furniture in a casting director's office where such encounters may occur. According to many accounts, the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood.
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the ˈcasting couch

(informal, humorous) used to refer to a situation in which somebody, especially a woman, agrees to have sex with somebody else in order to get work in a film/movie, TV programme, etc: the Hollywood casting couch for starlets
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casting couch

n. a legendary couch found in the offices of casting directors for use in seducing young people by offering them roles. They say the director got his job on the casting couch, too.
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Asked about their own Casting Couch burger, they added: "We have had the same menu for two-and-a-half years without any adverse comments in Manchester until the unfortunate incident with an unconnected site in Sheffield."
Aditi Rao Hydari in an interview to The Sunday Guardian revealed that she has been in the casting couch situation but choose to stand up to it.
Do you believe in the casting couch? Is it prevalent in Pakistan?
These magazines often write articles on the issues like human trafficking [almost close to the casting couch this is indeed a sad story in the region].
Listen, the casting couch has been the system since Hollywood existed.
The the casting couch finally brought to judgement.
The statue, called "Casting Couch," is located near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it's the product of a two-month collaboration between British street artists Plastic Jesus and Garfield Heights, Ohio-native Joshua "Ginger" Monroe, famous for the naked Donald Trump statue.
For example, members of a culture community talk about an influential person who allegedly has a casting couch. The person reportedly invites the younger talents to the lair.
The scandal threatens to overshadow tonight's glittering ceremony On Friday a street artist in LA unveiled a golden statue of a lifesize Weinstein in a satin bathrobe perched on a sofa, entitled Casting Couch.
Rage is addictive and it tastes good Ruby Wax, who has suffered from depression If you don't know whether to take your pants off, don't suddenly scream later, "I really didn't want to do it" Joanna Lumley's advice to women on the casting couch I always wanted to be an explorer, but it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person TV's Michael Palin
It said the "proverbial casting couch was Harvey Weinsteins office of choice" in an arrangement condoned by defendants Miramax LLC, The Weinstein Co.
"The people who suffer from the casting couch are the really pretty ones.
While Bollywood has long been known for the casting couch and unwelcome sexual advances, sometimes the names it throws up can be shocking.
IS there a better casting couch for James Bond baddies than RWC 2015?