cast aside

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cast aside

1. To physically move something that is blocking one's path. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cast" and "aside." Sorry there's so much junk in here right now—just cast those books aside and have a seat.
2. To ignore, overlook, or reject someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cast" and "aside." Of course I'm not trying to cast you aside, you're my best friend! I simply haven't had time to call you this week. To attempt that daring jump on your bike, you'll need to cast aside your fears.
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cast someone aside

 and cast someone off; cast someone away
Fig. to dispose of someone; to reject or discard someone. He simply cast his wife aside, and that was it.
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cast something aside

 and cast something off; cast something away
to throw something away. You can't just cast aside a new coat that you've only worn once.
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cast aside

1. To throw or push something or someone out of the way: I cast my coat aside so that he could sit down. She cast aside the boxes in front of the door.
2. To reject or disregard something or someone: The commander cast aside all caution and ordered the troops to charge the fort. I knew you would cast me aside once you became famous.
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References in classic literature ?
That is, he could not see that she was becoming herself and daily casting aside that fictitious self which we assume like a garment with which to appear before the world.
Of course the Simpsons had no books, and casting aside, without thought or pang, the plush chair, which might have been of some use in a family of seven persons (not counting Mr.
"I'll be better able to tell you when I find out what it is," said Priscilla, casting aside a Greek lexicon and taking up Stella's letter.
Casting aside their cloaks Munro and Heyward were on their feet while the woodsman was still making his low calls, at the entrance of the rude shelter where they had passed the night.
Philip thought that in throwing over the desire for happiness he was casting aside the last of his illusions.
"Let us go to it," cried Uncle Blair, gaily, casting aside his sorrowful mood and catching our hands.
There are so many unsubstantial sorrows which the necessity of our mortal state begets on idleness, that an observer, casting aside sentiment, is sometimes led to question whether there be any real woe, except absolute physical suffering and the loss of closest friends.
Inter and AC Milan are close to announcing a joint project for a new stadium, casting aside potential renovations to the San Siro.
Katy Perry has been casting aside that nasty, shallow showbiz world (with her very public divorce from Russell Brand and rollercoaster relationship with John Mayer) by getting in touch with her spiritual side.
However "casting lightly aside" is what Mr Pickles does - casting aside the Northwest Development Agency and replacing it with Local Enterprise Partnerships, for instance, which has created a civil war among Lancashire councils.
PERFECTLY fit and healthy, George Wanless is doing a job he loves and casting aside convention in the process.
Venus is gunning for her first title at Key Biscayne since 2001 and will go into the 20th All-Williams meeting full of confidence after casting aside her 26th-seeded Czech opponent in quick time.
In the Labour party we don't like casting aside our leaders and the mechanism for doing so is complicated." Mr Sheerman added that neither the Conservatives or Lib Dems were ready for power.
TracingDirect, which makes money from finding unknown beneficiaries, is casting aside its own interests and supporting the National Make a Will Month campaign.
Curtis, whose films include Some Like It Hot and The Defiant Ones, wowed diners at a restaurant in Las Vegas by casting aside his wheelchair after a meal with his wife Jill and family.