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It took some convincing, but after Lockheed Martin finally decided to try its vehicle hull section for an underwater unmanned military vehicle as a casting, Denison Industries Inc., Denison, Texas, was up to the task.
Inc., Reamstown, Penn.--This hollow aluminum casting helps bridge the gap between metalcasting and commercial art.
While the casting process is running, the robot uses the other half of its gripper to hold a part (that has already been cast and removed from the machine earlier) up to an inspection station.
When the FEA and drawings were approved, the 3-D models were given to process engineers, who then ran the models through casting process modeling software to determine the best design for the patterns.
Process Technology 1 Room: Union B Progress In Development Of Thin Section Zinc Die Casting Technology
When the lost foam casting process initially gained recognition in the metalcasting industry in the 1970s and 80s, the manufacturing technology was far outpaced by the interest and motivation of the industry, resulting in the failures of many lost foam startups.
In response to those limitations, recent research has been targeted at developing and optimizing manufacturing technologies that will fill the gap between the low production sand casting process and the high production diecast processes.
"The casting method produces the outer surface of the molded part while precision CNC-milling creates the inner contours of the part," explains Himmer.
Knowing the chemical specifications and the heat treatment of castings is critical to trying to understand casting life.
In an industry comprised of some 400 television, film, commercial and/or music video casting directors, only 12 to 15 are African American women and even fewer are black men, says the Chicago native.
In higher production facilities, where a single casting is run thousands of times per clay, the method of continuous product flow is preferable.
Knowing the answers to these questions early in the manufacturing process affords significant time and cost savings to the casting purchasers and the casting facility.
Thin-wall castings present special challenges both in preventing misruns, cold-shuts and other related casting defects, and in providing acceptable physical and metallurgical properties.
In this article, MODERN CASTING provides some of the details from the original Hayes Montague cover story that ran in February 2004 while also providing an update on how the plant has advanced further in the last 18 months.