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However, as the saying goes, don't carry all your eggs in one basket, cast your net wider for other opportunities even as you pursue this one.
bg and Technomarket, Multirama, TVI, Piccadilly and Germanos stores, but for anyone wishing to find accommodation on short notice, cast your net wider, as options in Kavarna are limited and likely have been booked months in advance.
6) Cast your net wider Anglers are in heaven in the Beacons.
Another is to cast your net wider than equities and fixed interest and to consider hedge funds, commodities and property exposure.
However, seizing the initiative to cast your net wider should enable the annual haul on your investment portfolio to become far more rewarding.
But when it comes to finding an interior designer, you may want to cast your net wider.
English theatre and television will always be there, but there's no reason why you can't cast your net wider.