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England's selectors must therefore cast their net wider to work out who will be their back-up seamers at the Gabba and beyond.
If the internet forced them to adapt to new ways to reach customers, the high street collaboration model has helped them cast their net wider and earn new fans.
This is of course considering that they cast their net wider into all available and suitable job positions out there--private or public sector.
Parry said: "We have already recognised that it is getting harder and harder for youth departments at all levels to take young players up because over the last few years, Premier League clubs have cast their net wider and wider.
Liverpool's moguls, advised by legendary former player and boss Kenny Dalglish, are believed to have cast their net wider to include Martin O'Neill of Aston Villa and Italy's World Cup winning boss Marcello Lippi.
But the former Hibernian manager - who has already expressed his own interest in the Scotland job - admits an ability to communicate effectively with the players is crucial if Hampden office-bearers do decide to cast their net wider.
Some organisations are happy to cast their net wider and absorb certain suppliers and maybe even customers.
They have been active in Europe for years, but are only now starting to cast their net wider.
With that in mind Rush's return to a club where he proved the most predatory of strikers shows the Anfield backroom staff are prepared to cast their net wider, as required.
Longford will now have to cast their net wider to bring in the right man to replace Kenny, who transformed the club's fortunes over four seasons.
Not content with scouring Sheffield, Middlesbrough, Chesterfield and Crewe, Villa cast their net wider this summer.
Whether the club will be prepared to agree to those terms or opt to cast their net wider to recruit a younger stopper remains to be seen.
The option of home working also means that businesses can cast their net wider when recruiting staff and ensure it employs only the best.
In turn, this means the Old Firm cast their net wider and bring in too many second-class foreigners.
SITES SET: The Winthrops want to cast their net wider to catch new clients Picture: CHARLIE HEDLEY