cast (one's) lot with (someone or something)

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cast (one's) lot with (someone or something)

To join and steadfastly support another person or group. As soon as news of the CEO's scandal becomes public, I doubt that big investor will want to cast her lot with us. Don't worry, Mom—I really don't care about casting my lot with the cool kids at school.
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cast one's lot with

Also, cast or throw in one's lot with . Join or side with, no matter what the outcome, as in Bill cast his lot with the new company. [First half of 1500s]
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cast (one's) lot with

To join or side with for better or worse.
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"Other than the goodwill that he has established with the AFP, there will be elements who will cast their lot with the opposition for reasons that may have something to do with their career advancements," he added.
Parties, big or small, have their own meaning, and should cast their lot with a new deal to shore up their prospects with single-minded concentration without any let-up.
Many ballotters cast their lot with him because they believed that economic gains were not reaching to those at the bottom of the ladder.
Israel then gave citizenship to those who cast their lot with it, regardless of their religion.
Dalits have cast their lot with Bahaujan Samaj Party ( BSP) chief Mayawati while the backward castes had left the BJP fold after the downfall of Kalyan Singh.
They will certainly choose to continue Daang Matuwid rather than cast their lot with those sowing fear and hatred, he said.
That tells us that they their cast their lot with the Planned Parenthoods and NARALs and EMILY's Lists of the world.
During the Bush years, the self-credentialed spokesmen of the cultural right cast their lot with the Republican establishment and neoconservative warhawks.
According to Executive Director of the National Peace Council, Jehan Perera, in the first parliamentary vote since the defeat of the rebel Tamil Tigers, the Tamil community did not cast their lot with "hard-line nationalist candidates."
The decision by 20 teachers at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton to form a union marks the first time that faculty at a Massachusetts charter school have opted to cast their lot with organized labor.
Hollywood's casting directors have cast their lot with the Teamsters--giving both groups a heftier role at the showbiz bargaining table.
Writers may have cast their lot with Henry James, who thought that you never "get the full sense of the person at first glance." Or maybe dwelling on the details of the face has "acquired a creepy voyeuristic overtone." Then, too, we've always known that "clothes and body language may be a sign of artifice ...
They had cast their lot with this itinerant prophet and healer, their lives changed by the way he captured their hearts.
Businesspeople who have already written off Japan and decided to cast their lot with China ought to turn to page 38 and read China's Transition Merits Caution.