cast (one's) net wider

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cast (one's) net wider

To broaden one's search or criteria for something, thus giving oneself more options. A: "I don't know why John has only applied to Ivy League schools when he only has average grades." B: "I know, I've told him to cast his net wider."
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cast your net wider


cast the net wider

COMMON If you cast your net wider or cast the net wider, you include a larger number of people or things, especially when considering or choosing someone or something. The easiest way to find members is through friends of friends but if you want to cast the net wider, put an ad in your local bookshop. We will cast the net wider to look at other factors too. Note: You can also say that you cast your net wide, meaning that you include a large number of people or things. Clarke, as director of training, decided to cast the net wide in the search for the best candidates. England's selectors have been careful to cast their net wide to prepare for the World Cup. Note: The verb spread is sometimes used instead of cast. Ferguson advised him to spread the net wide in his search for players. Police had searched the local area and found nothing so they were spreading their net wider.
See also: cast, net, wider
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We must cast our net wider to find the next Scotland manager."
"Because of promotion we were able to cast our net wider and interest from players has been greater because of our status.
However, technology never stands still and this year we have cast our net wider to include breakthrough applications, platforms and foundation technologies (including bitcoin and the blockchain) that will shape the face of FinTech for years to come.
As luck would have it, though, that shop had already closed its doors for the evening, so we had to cast our net wider.
We're not a big country, so we have got to cast our net wider - that's the key to to our success in the future.
We don't want to return to that; we prefer to cast our net wider."
But we do intend to cast our net wider too and, as a part of our strategy, to build up European and work-related elements - for instance, a number of the students we have interviewed for the review, not unreasonably, think that work placements in Europe should be more widely available in language degrees.