cast (one's) mind back

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cast (one's) mind back

To try to recall something. This phrase is usually followed by "to" and a specific time period, instance, or event. OK, cast your mind back to freshman year—can you remember who our English teacher was?
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cast your mind back

think back; recall an earlier time.
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cast your ˈmind back to something

think about something in the past: Cast your mind back to when you were a child.
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Let's cast our minds back to the Irish Daily Mirror's big story a couple of months ago that Georgia had split from her long-term lover.
LET us cast our minds back to a few weeks ago when David Cameron announced that we were giving Pakistan about pounds 650 million in aid supposedly to buy desks, education equipment and teachers for the children there and also, and this bit I really like, to help in their fight against terrorism.
Well, if we cast our minds back to that infamous photo of the wee man in the showers during his playing days - coupled with the fact he's now got a cracking pair of knockers - he'll probably be sent to a women's prison...
TO UNDERSTAND why Jack Straw made the incredible decision, in the face of overwhelming evidence unearthed by the independent police inquiry which declared Michael Shields to be innocent, to refuse his immediate release, we only have to cast our minds back to the time when he was the Home Secretary.
Perhaps we should cast our minds back further - to 600BC - when the Celts first invaded Britain.
IF WE cast our minds back more a decade, we can recall the genocide of entire Kurdish villages.