cast (one's) mind back

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cast (one's) mind back

To try to recall something. This phrase is usually followed by "to" and a specific time period, instance, or event. OK, cast your mind back to freshman year—can you remember who our English teacher was?
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cast your mind back

think back; recall an earlier time.
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cast your ˈmind back to something

think about something in the past: Cast your mind back to when you were a child.
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One must cast one's mind back over the entire turbulent year to understand why the natural advantages held by a club which can attract more than 46,000 to a home game and has former Premier League players on its playing staff have not translated into a title cakewalk but the Black Cats must up their game by more than one notch if the season is not to end slightly unfulfilled.
One has to cast one's mind back to many years ago when it was a sellers' market and that's when landlords of mainly small businesses and retail shops took advantage by increasing rents, when leases were up for renewal.
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One has only to cast one's mind back to the eagerness with which Cyfor Malta was priced up for the 2000 Gold Cup to give the lie to the argument that ante-post lists are based on entries and that therefore the reopening of a race invalidates existing ante-post wagers.