cast (one's) mind back

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cast (one's) mind back

To try to recall something. This phrase is usually followed by "to" and a specific time period, instance, or event. OK, cast your mind back to freshman year—can you remember who our English teacher was?
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cast your mind back

think back; recall an earlier time.
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cast your ˈmind back to something

think about something in the past: Cast your mind back to when you were a child.
See also: back, cast, mind, something
References in classic literature ?
However, as I cast my mind back over the events of the morning, and as I reconsider the fatuous conduct of my companions, I find it easy to believe that some poison of an exciting kind was responsible for their symptoms.
I cast my mind back to 60 years ago when I cycled to school every day, a distance of 15 miles travelling up and down steep hills.
Then I cast my mind back to last weekend when we were both invited to join a debate at the Edinburgh TV Festival.
I cast my mind back to Stam, Keane, Neville and Beckham chasing Andy D'Urso halfway round the pitch simply for daring to award a penalty against them.