cast (one's) lot with (someone or something)

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cast (one's) lot with (someone or something)

To join and steadfastly support another person or group. As soon as news of the CEO's scandal becomes public, I doubt that big investor will want to cast her lot with us. Don't worry, Mom—I really don't care about casting my lot with the cool kids at school.
See also: cast, lot

cast one's lot with

Also, cast or throw in one's lot with . Join or side with, no matter what the outcome, as in Bill cast his lot with the new company. [First half of 1500s]
See also: cast, lot

cast (one's) lot with

To join or side with for better or worse.
See also: cast, lot
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I would much rather run my risks with a homespun jury--even if uninformed--than cast my lot with a smug, self-assured "expert" who feigns objectivity and whose livelihood hinges on government favor.
As the narrator admits, after having met Columbus on the beach at the explorer's first landfall in the islands, "I captured my own self that day, choosing to cast my lot with the Castilians.
I'd already cast my lot with two field-bred Irish setters, knew myself to be primarily an upland bird hunter (although I did enjoy the occasional duck hunt with friends, and still do) and couldn't really justify the expense of keeping three large sporting dogs just then.
There's no greater feeling in the world than beating the Huskies, and I'd no sooner cast my lot with those scurvy Dawgs than rip the plasma TVs out of the football locker room.
And sometimes I simply cast my lot with the sheer bravura of such a patently brazen lie.
I'm no theologian - so forgive me if I cast my lot with those three pagans who traveled afar with Christ's first baby present.