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"I don't think we have cast him adrift...(but) to deselect him we felt was the best decision simply because he did not adhere to everything that we have been working towards for a very long time."
Morgan also believes that by dropping Hales from the squad, the selectors have not cast him adrift and he believes that dropping him was the decision that the team could have taken.
Splitting up with wife Marina for good has cast him adrift.
With that in mind it would be easy to cast him adrift and listen to the inevitable offers that will come in for his services.
Alcohol is Jimmy's solace from his transgressions, which have cast him adrift from his son Mike (Joel Kinnaman), who works as a limousine driver.
Alcohol is Jimmy's solace from his manifold transgressions, which have cast him adrift from his son Mike (Joel Kinnaman), who works as a limousine driver and has an expectant wife Gabriela (Genesis Rodriguez) and two daughters.
In the pivotal scene that will cast him adrift, having promised his wife he would buy dessert for an elegant dinner party, the narrator instead goes on a shopping spree, visiting butchers from former colonies to buy offal and exotic viscera with which he prepares a macabre banquet worthy of Titus Andronicus.
Now 19, he's determined to use his side's cup run as the perfect platform to prove Arsenal were wrong to cast him adrift.
I worry she'll get bored of my boy and cast him adrift like all the others."
This trip ends in infamy when Hudson's crew mutiny and cast him adrift on a small boat in what is now Hudson Bay.
Ross was also on the radar of Kilmarnock and Aberdeen as it became clear that Falkirk were getting set to cast him adrift.
They overpowered the captain, William Bligh, and cast him adrift in the ship's lifeboat
Cast him adrift. Come on, you don't need this public humiliation.
Anderson has since enjoyed and, more recently,endured a roller coaster 12 months which cast him adrift in the second half of the winter onto the fringes of a highly successful England side.
Owen's Champions League blow improves Litmanen chances of facing the club that cast him adrift after the departure of his former Ajax coach Luis van Gaal from the Nou Camp.