cast doubt

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cast doubt

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty. Why did you change your mind about giving Walt the promotion? Did something happen to cast doubt?
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cast doubt on (someone or something)

To cause someone or something to be viewed with doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty. I considered Walt for the promotion, but his constant lateness soon cast doubt on that decision. Such a significant error really cast doubt on all of the experiment's results.
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cast doubt(s) (on someone or something)

to cause someone or something to be doubted. The police cast doubt on my story. How can they cast doubt? They haven't looked into it yet. The city council cast doubt on John and his plan.
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O'Sullivan has won the title in the two previous years the event has been held, but he has now cast doubt on his participation after he told fans on Twitter that he had no plans to take part in the tournament.
KEVIN KEEGAN has cast doubt on David Beckham's hopes of making another England comeback or even coping with a return to the Barclays Premier League.
Summary: Tehran on Tuesday cast doubt on the authenticity of documents published by WikiLeaks and told its Arab neighbors not to fall into the whistleblower's "trap.
The Manchester City star's Wales future remains up in the air after boss John Toshack cast doubt on his long-term role ahead of the Euro 2012 campaign.
Summary: A survey of more than 5,500 firms has cast doubt on whether the UK really did emerge from recession between July and September.
TOKYO - Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano on Friday cast doubt on the effectiveness of new policies under consideration by the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan ahead of the forthcoming general election.
TENNIS: Andy Murray has cast doubt on his future as a Davis Cup player, suggesting he may quit the competition to concentrate on his singles career.
Other researchers cast doubt on that idea, noting that hip joints permitting such flexibility aren't found in any related dinosaur.
EADS finance head Hans Peter Ring meanwhile cast doubt over the A380 freighter version -- UPS has 10 on order, while International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) has five The biggest buyer of the world's biggest plane, Emirates, said last month it would send its own audit team to Airbus before entering talks to address the A380's two-year delay.
Some structural engineers said the new study reinforced other, less sophisticated computer simulations that cast doubt on the safety of midlevel high-rises, especially older buildings.
Some writers have attempted to cast its creators as committed communists, but post-perestroika scholarship has cast doubt on that interpretation.
Because it is a fact not open to irrefutable proof--like say two and two equal four-although it is altogether likely that advanced mathematicians can cast doubt even on that modest proposal.
The social fundamentalists in the United States, a nation founded on the principles of separation of church and state, secularism in government to avoid religious tyranny and freedom of religion, have cast doubt upon the "theory" of evolution and have begun to slowly introduce a veiled form of creationism back into public education.
The analysts contend that the inconsistencies in the data, the low absolute values of the odds ratios and "severe methodological limitations" (which they outline in their report) cast doubt on the association between pill use and stroke risk, particularly in young women who do not smoke or have high blood pressure.
It's rare that people in the media ever cast doubt on any of the stories that they report, but the reality is that those of us who put together this magazine each month are somewhat at the mercy of our sources.